How to use this site

To use the site civil servants need to complete the secure registration process and an anonymous diversity questionnaire.


After completing registration, new users should add more detailed information to their profile. This means site users can see if they have compatible knowledge, skills and experience to form job-share partnerships.

It is recommended that new registrants complete the following fields as a minimum requirement:

  • Role or area of expertise - this helps site users to understand if there are similar or complimentary work specialisms.
  • When would you like to start job sharing? – this helps site users to judge if the availability to start job sharing fits in with their own preferred dates.
  • Experience – this helps site users to get a better understanding of the depth and breadth of the work history.
  • Preferred working arrangements – this helps site users to see if their ideal weekly working dates/times would overlap effectively.

The profile can be further enhanced by completing the following optional fields:

  • Government profession
  • Photo upload facility
  • Policy areas
  • LinkedIn URL

If you need to make changes to your profile, you can go to the Account section and update your details.



Once registered the system automatically begins searching for job-share matches with other registered users.

More refined searches can be made by using the manual search facility (grey filter bars) on the search page. The manual search terms can be saved with a unique search title.

Saved searches and email notifications

The 'save search' function which is below the search filters on the search page can be used to save a favourite manual search setting with a unique name.


Email alerts of new matches can also be set at daily or weekly intervals.


Saving contacts

Profiles can be saved for future reference by using the save link button shown on the profile.


Saved profiles can then be viewed on the Homepage.


Messaging site users

Site users can be contacted by using the message link on their profile.


New messages will be received in the Messages inbox.


Email notifications will be received when new messages are logged in the Messages inbox.



This site does not provide a job search functionality.


If you are looking for job share posts within the Civil Service, go to Civil Service Jobs.


If you have any difficulty using this site, or would like to suggest improvements, please use the feedback button at the top of the page.

Resource Library

We have put together a library of resources for anyone interested in job sharing. Go to Resource Library